The Open Data User Group (ODUG) will gather views of open data users/re-users to influence data releases for free through government’s Public Sector Transparency Board.

Role of the group

The aim of the group is to:

  • continue to encourage open data delivery across government and the wider public sector, driven by the demand-led data request mechanism on
  • continue to provide advice on the further development of the National Information Infrastructure (NII), working closely with the Cabinet Office Transparency Team
  • follow-up and report on the progress of projects funded through theRelease of Data Fund (RoDF); also make recommendations for any remaining or new funding which is available
  • Build on ODUG’s previous work around local government open data

As areas of new or improved focus, it is proposed that the group:

  • deliver on a more focussed strategic communications and community outreach plan
  • look in more detail and develop case studies and papers on thematic and topical open data issues in areas the group has not yet considered in detail; the group will decide on themes as the year progresses