“Following the recent appointment of a Government Chief Data Officer, and the formation of a new Government, ODUG would like to highlight the key issues facing users and producers of Open Data during the new Parliament” Read the full statement here: ODUG_Letter_to_the_new_Government.pdf… Read More

“If you are hoping for an open data revolution in government that could deliver new knowledge, statistics and understanding of our society and economy, one place that you might hope to see it appear is in the Office for National Statistics. The progress to date has been very disappointing but future prospects are more rosy.” Read the full… Read More

“Which parts of the public sector are battling to open up data – or resisting it – in the UK? There are so many moving parts it’s hard to say, really. So, I have produced this “map” to set out the main players and their links to each other.” Full post from ODUG member Simon… Read More